Turning saliva into metabolic insights

Our test provides you with a direct snapshot of the current metabolic health of your clients.

Assess and track your clients' overall metabolic well-being

Track a wide array of salivary metabolites, uncover insights into your clients' metabolic well-being and see how they align with key dimensions of metabolic wellness. Repeatable every 4-6 months.

Work with your clients to improve their metabolic health

Benefit from dietary recommendations tailored to each clients' metabolic profile to support their well-being and lifestyle optimization.

Keep your operations simple and enhance your clients' experience

By leveraging saliva-based testing, we streamline your workflow, offer clients a non-invasive experience, and foster engagement for better metabolic well-being.

How it works

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Collect sample
Send us your clients' sample and we take care of the rest.
Communicate metabolic insights
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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us
  • As a healthcare provider, where can I get the Maven Health test?

    Please contact us through the form on our website to begin the onboarding process. We offer healthcare providers the opportunity to trial our test for free, allowing you to experience the benefits firsthand.  

  • Can my patients collect saliva at home? 

    Yes, our test is non-invasive and designed for ease of use without professional training, enabling patients to collect their saliva sample at home. However, it is crucial that patients adhere to the provided protocol to ensure the integrity and quality of the sample. We encourage healthcare providers to guide their clients in following these procedures carefully.

  • What sample volume is required?

    A sample volume of 1 ml of saliva is required to analyze the full spectrum of salivary metabolites currently tested with our solution.  

  • Is my data secure? 

    Data privacy is our top priority. We adhere to GDPR compliance and implement stringent security measures to protect your and your patients' personal information. We do not collect any identifiable patient information. For detailed information on how we handle data, please review our Privacy Notice.

  • How do you generate results?

    We measure metabolites in saliva using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, an analytical method renowned for its precision and robustness. NMR's exceptional reproducibility is invaluable in personalized medicine and nutrition, ensuring accurate tracking of lifestyle interventions through repeated measurements over time. Our custom software suite automates data processing, converting NMR spectra into distinct metabolite quantities. This technology delivers precise metabolic profiles, enabling efficient and reliable personalized health assessments. Moreover, our algorithms generate personalized health scores from these profiles, providing actionable insights that empower you to optimize the metabolic health of your patients.